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Show your attendees their best matches & generate a perfect meeting time-schedule with our time slot algorithm.

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Show who is available in timeslots

See an clear view of all available parties (e.g. exhibitors/sponsors/investors/mentors) and the number of meeting slots available / requested. Never worry anymore about rescheduling!

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Make organising 1on1 meetings easier: 1 step proces

Instead of managing your meeting calendar & sending out thousands of meeting requests, going back and forth about meeting times, you now request or accept/decline meetings with one click! Meeting times & location are set based on your availability.

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Chris Alexander

Networktables helped us provide a sexy and easy to use platform for our customers to easily register for our many small online round tables we held over a 1 month period.

Chris Alexander from WBECS

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profile picture of Nathan

A truly added value to any event where you want people to meet, connect and share. Makes it possible to create the best 'customer journey' before, during and after your event.

Nathan Wiersma from SVP Sfeerbeheer

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profile picture of Brenda

NetworkTables is an effective tool to foster networking and to meet new people. It gave a lot of added value to an event like Bea World Festival, a worldwide platform for event professionals.

Brenda Debiasio from BEA World Festival

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More qualified meetings in less time with algoritm

After meetings are scheduled within the timeslots, meeting times are set by our algoritm - so everyone has 5 qualified meetings in 1 hour instead of 1 day!

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Track follow-ups

Let your attendees exchange digital business cards with the people they've met and measure how many businesscards are exchanged! This is ROI for dummies.

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And more features like

Data Exports

Export seat lists, session overviews, print packages and more


Help attendees find the right sessions based on their interests

Add to Calendar

Easily let your attendees add their personal event programme to their agenda's


Sync your event and attendee data from Eventbrite, Xing and

Emails & Invites

Intelligent email module that allows you to create personalized emails and invites to segmented groups of people


Filter your attendees and create segments based on the actions they have token or emails they received, opened, clicked.

Attendee list

Show your attendees who is attending your event so they can directly connect or invite others to their sessions

Excel import

Easily import your attendees, sessions or questionnaire data from excel by matching columns

Session collection forms

Tired of chasing speakers? Send them an invite through NetworkTables and collect session data & availability!


We give you a clear overview of how many people are seated, how many unseated, business cards exchanged etc.


Use all the data you are collecting of your event attendees to analyze and improve your next event

Customer Service

We have 4 years of experience with events in more than 39+ countries and every event is different!


Available in Dutch, English, German and Chinese. Other languages are available on requests.


Send your attendees reminders if they did not take action, or just before their session starts.

Personal Timeschedule

After your attendees pre-scheduled their 1on1 meetings, sessions and roundtables send them a personalized agenda where to go at what time!

Flexible design

All fields you see are customizable. Want to use the favorite color of your attendee? No worries: everything is possible!

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

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