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event registration with a professional virtual networking solution

After connecting NetworkTables to your Halito event, you will benefit from a seamless integration to offer your event attendees a professional networking tool. Attendees instantly receive acces to pre-scheduling 1on1 meetings, their session attendance and booking seats at roundtable discussions or dinners.With Halito + NetworkTables you can:

  • Your Halito registrations are instantly imported to NetworkTables
  • Auto-Invite event attendees after their Halito registration
  • Export your seat list for badges in NetworkTables and Halito will print it on your badges
  • Embed your NetworkTables page on your Halito web page

Call NetworkTables: +31(0)85 888 5020
Call NetworkTables: +31(0)85 888 5020

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Goodbye to doing Table Seating Arrangement

Event organizers spent 10+ hours on seating arrangements for dinners, roundtables, meet the expert sessions. With Halito and the NetworkTables online self-seating solution you save 80% of your time by letting attendees pick their seat at the tables themselves.

Offer your delegates Pre-Scheduled Virtual 1on1 meetings

Do you help your attendees to schedule meetings, so they see a real ROI or not yet? Stop doing any manual work on this, save 130+ hours with Halito and the NetworkTables 1on1 meeting solution. You are in charge of making sure there are enough matchmaking tables, we make sure they are fully booked.

30+ Virtual workshops available? Make it easy to choose!

Do you have more than 30 sessions for people to choose from? Make life easier for your event attendees. Avoid sending attendee lists to your sponsors, with Halito and the NetworkTables session booking they see who is attending in real-time and can connect before, during & after your event.

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