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event registration with a virtual networking solution

After connecting NetworkTables with your evisit registration, you will benefit from a seamless integration that carries your event from beginning to end. Attendees instantly receive access to pre-scheduling 1-on-1 meetings, their session attendance and booking seats at roundtable discussions or dinners.

Possibilities of connecting evisit with NetworkTables?

  • Instantly import your evisit registrations into NetworkTables.
  • Auto-invite attendees after registration with evisit.
  • Easily embed the NetworkTables platform into your own website.
  • Export your seat list for badges in NetworkTables and evisit will print the badges.

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Why should I connect NetworkTables to



Registration from beginning to end

Make events less complicated. Integrate mailings, guest lists, scanning, badges, hosting and printed materials under one platform. With NetworkTables and evisit, your networking event becomes effortless. The user-friendly software supports organizers with registrations and communication leading up to the event.

Table seating just like sitting on an aeroplane

By combining NetworkTables and evisit after attendees have registered they can choose their seats themselves. Save 80% of the time that would be spent on manual seating arrangements by letting attendees choose, like sitting on an aeroplane.

Offer pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings

After you've registered the most valuable part of the event is getting meaningful meetings. Get real ROI at events by stopping the manual work and using the evisit and NetworkTables 1-1 meeting solution. You set up the tables, we'll make sure they are fully booked.

Before, during and after - Make it easy to choose!

Dozens of sessions, hundreds of attendees? Make choices easier for your guests by letting them see who is attending in real-time. Let them click and connect with these people weeks before, during and after the event.

For in-person events, print and scan your physical badges, or jump into recorded content after the event is over whenever you want.

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